Help Jim Gaffigan find this letter!

Hi Jim,

We love that you're pulling a Louis C.K. We'd like to make the website for Mr. Universe for free.

We’re a start-up taking the Louis C.K. model mainstream. We handle the website, payment, movie player, and some sexy social media integrations, for free.

Louis paid $35k for the “Live at the Beacon Theatre” website.

Jim, you can pay $0*.

As one of our first customers, you’ll get the special treatment. We will go to every length to make you happy.

Let’s do this, cinnabon-bacon-buddy. Find us on Twitter or at

Who we are

We're software entrepreneurs who have been working together for years. Together or apart we've been featured in ABCNews, BusinessInsider and the Globe and Mail.


Former facebook engineer, veteran of two startups and two fortune-500s. Once made an ass of himself in front of Mark Zuckerberg.


Worked for the government and hated it, so he co-founded micropayments startup Willet. Rhymes accidentally.

That Asterisk

You could easily bankrupt us in bandwidth fees when millions of people stream your show. We'll have to take about 5% of each transaction just to keep the site running!

What are you waiting for?

You've made it this far, why not have a conversation with us? Tweet us, or send a message to